High Quality Overhead Storage at Competitive Prices!

For most homeowners, storage in their garage is a major issue. With wall and floor space already utilized, the only option left is unused ceiling space. Fortunately, overhead garage storage can provide a solution to this problem. ONRAX provides the best overhead racks & motorized lifts in the market, utilizing advanced shelving technology. Our quality is unmatched, making us the clear choice for anyone looking to optimize their garage storage.

Why Overhead Storage?

For Home

  • Holiday decorations: Christmas, Halloween, and others.
  • Sporting equipment: golf clubs, skis, snowboards, and more.
  • Tools: power drills, saws, and gardening tools.
  • Luggage: suitcases, duffle bags.
  • Seasonal clothes: winter jackets, boots, and summer clothing.
  • Keepsake items: sentimental goods like family photos and artwork.
  • Automotive: tires, spare parts, and more.
  • Camping gear: tents, sleeping bags, and more.
  • Household items: bedding, linens, and infrequently used things.
  • Bicycles: can be hung from hooks under storage racks.

For Business

  • Maximize floor space for production, machinery, or personnel.
  • Organize inventory and supplies vertically for easy access and increased productivity.
  • Improve workplace safety by reducing clutter and minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries.
  • Cost-effective alternative to renting additional warehouse space or building new structures.

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Why Choose ONRAX?

Customers of ONRAX immediately recognize and appreciate the industrial grade design, superior height range and unobstructed front access space of our hanging overhead garage storage shelving units.  Features include:

  • ONRAX patented Enduro Deck™ systems are powder coated to match the rest of your shelving unit.
  • ONRAX stationary overhead storage racks are the strongest in the industry boasting a burly 800lb capacity.
  • ONRAX storage units help keep wall and floor space clear so that cars do not have to compete for space.
  • ONRAX hanging garage shelves provide up to 112 cubic feet of garage storage space per 4’x 8’ platform.
  • ONRAX patented Enduro Deck™ provides a strong, secure and visually pleasing solution. Garage storage racks with Enduro Deck™ are easier to load and unload because of the smooth and uniform surface.  Other garage storage products have uneven grid surfaces or inconvenient channels or lips that obstruct loading and unloading.

ONRAX.com a Name You Can Trust

We are a top rated company anywhere you look offline and online.  Old school and new school.  If there are any negative reviews out there, we do not know about them and will always do our best to make anything right.  We do know about quite a few positive reviews and always appreciate them!  (hint, hint)

See Our Incredible Reviews

I have purchased 5 different units over the last 7-9 years. My first one was a 4’x8′ unit I installed myself fairly easily following the provided instructions. – Scott, Seattle WA

“We’re very excited about your storage racks! It’s nice to have a product that clearly differentiates itself from other “similar” products. ONRAX is by far the best garage storage rack available. We love it!” – Nick, Orlando FL