ONRAX Ascension Frequently Asked Questions

How was the Ascension series developed?

The Ascension series has been developed over the last 4 years and has gone through many design and engineering revisions.  We have spent the time to ensure a safe and trouble free product.

Is this a proven product or something new?

We started producing and installing the current version in January 2012 and have spent 10 months manufacturing and installing the Ascension series in a “soft launch” to make sure it performed to our expectations.

What are the benefits of its design?

The ONRAX Ascension series uses seat belt webbing to raise and lower the platform.  This allows the platform to rest on the ground for loading and still travel smoothly when being raised.  It ensures proper spooling to keep the platform level and avoids sudden jumps that can arise from cables spooling unevenly.

The ONRAX ascension series also uses posts in the corners of the platform that enable the use of netting to enclose the platform for safety.


Our wall mounted control station with keyed lockout eliminates the potential for dangling cords and provides safety along with a clean, finished look.

What size is the motor and what are the electrical requirements?

The ONRAX Ascension series is powered by a 1.33 hp motor that runs on standard US household power.  The motor draws approximately 9 amps. In garages the units are typically plugged into outlets placed in the ceiling for garage door openers but can be installed into any standard outlet.

How long is the cord on the wall mounted control box?

The cord for the control box comes standard at 16 feet long.  This is usually enough cord to run to the nearest wall and down for mounting at a usable height.  If you need a longer or shorter cord just let us know.

How are the units installed to the ceiling?

The Ascension series has special ceiling mounting brackets that are installed perpendicular to the joists or ceiling supports.  You may need to use two or four ceiling brackets depending on your layout.  Each ceiling bracket is mounted into multiple supports.  You can view attached layout diagrams here.

How difficult is the installtion?

The installation process is similar to that of an automatic garage door opener.  You must be able to work overhead and locate the center of overhead supports which are sometimes behind drywall.  The most difficult and important part of the installation is the mounting of the ceiling brackets.  Time should be taken before the start of the installation to develop the layout plan of the rack and ceiling brackets.  See Ascension Installation Instructions, which will also be included with your purchase.

What if I want to hire someone to do the installation?

The exclusive ONRAX distributor/installer in your area is trained specifically to handle the installation at your convenience (Requires reasonable additional fee).

Does the product come with a warranty?

ONRAX Ascension series come with a 1 year warranty on the motor and lifetime warranty on all other parts.

How much weight will my ceiling support?

When mounting anything to your ceiling care should be taken not to overload your structure.  ONRAX and Innovative Material Handling, Inc make no claim to the capacity or strength of the structure to which the units are mounted.