Overhead Storage

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ONRAX Overhead Storage

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All overhead storage racks are available in either Silver Vein or White Frame.
Height Adjustment Range: 18″- 33″ or 24″- 45″.

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Enduro-Deck™ Shelving Technology

Overhead Storage

ONRAX, the industry leader of industrial strength ceiling storage platforms and overhead storage innovation, has developed the Enduro-Deck™ decking system. The patented design of Enduro-Deck™ is a visually stunning, streamlined advancement in shelving technology. The exceptional strength of the ONRAX 14 gauge steel C-channel box frame, partnered with the Enduro-Deck™ system, allows ONRAX units the highest weight rating of any ceiling mounted storage unit on the market, up to 800lbs.

ONRAX Overhead Storage Product Features

ONRAX ceiling storage racks are adjustable in height to accommodate most overhead garage storage spaces. ONRAX ceiling shelves come prepackaged with one of two height adjustment ranges, 18-33” or 24-45” from your ceiling. The adjustment range comes from each vertical support utilizing two posts bolted together through key holes in the sides of the posts. For angled ceilings, the vertical posts can be set at different heights to create a level ceiling mounted storage platform.

  • Up to 8’ wide openings for storing long and bulky items
  • Drop up to 45″ from your ceiling
  • Up to 112 cubic feet of storage in a single unit!!!!
  • Heavy duty industrial construction
  • 14 ga. powder coated steel frame with Enduro-Deck™ powder coated steel decking
  • Up to a 800# shelf capacity on the SL4 and SL3 models
  • 9 shelf sizes and 2 height adjustment ranges
  • The revolutionary 4′ x 8′ unit uses a ONE PIECE 8′ beam, not bolted together like our competitor’s.  This costs a bit more to ship (as it is oversized), but is well worth it for its long term strength.
  • Custom sizes available for lofted and angled ceilings
  • All hardware and installation instructions included
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Secure online ordering
  • For more information please visit, Stationary FAQ.

Overhead Storage

Two 4’x6′ units provides approx 50/sq.ft.

One Time Cost $860 $710
Pays for itself in 8 months!

Accessible 24/7/365

No Contract

Included In Homeowners

Life-Long Investment

vs Self-Storage

Avg Cost of Smaller Unit Sizes, $1.81/sq.ft.
See Sparefoot.com.

$90.50 per month
(50 x $1.81/sq.ft)



Requires Added Insurance

Giant Flushing Sound

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“Monthly self storage fees felt like throwing money away.  Buying our ONRAX unit feels like a worthwhile investment into the resale value of our home.  That said,  install was such a breeze it could end up moving around with us wherever we go!” – Greg, Atlanta GA

“My tastes are simple: the best or nothing. ONRAX garage storage racks are the strongest I have found: 800 pound capacity. My call with additional questions was answered in less than a day. ONRAX exceeded my needs.” – Customer review