All ONRAX units must be installed into overhead joints or supports.

*All ONRAX units have a rated capacity of 800 pounds evenly distributed load using a minimum of 2″ lag bolt embedment into solid wood. Innovative Material Handling makes no claim to the capacity or strength of the structure to which the units are mounted. Care should be taken not to overload the overhead support structure. We can not be held liable for structure failure or damage as a result of structure failure.

Tools Needed to Install ONRAX

  • Eye Protection
  • 7/16″ Wrench
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil
  • 3/16″ Drill Bit
  • Rubber Mallet
  • 7/16″ Nut Driver
  • Stud Finder
  • Drill
  • Ladder

Installation Procedure

  1. Unpack boxes and lay parts out on floor.
  2. Identify parts by matching them to the parts list provided. We usually pack extra hardware with each unit. If you do not have all parts, please call us immediately.
  3. Determine where you want to install your ONRAX shelving. Usually the units are installed directly behind your garage door, but they can go anywhere there is room and support.
  4. Look at your ceiling above the preferred location and identify which way your supports are running. If you have an open ceiling, you will be able to see the supports. If you have a finished ceiling, look for nail patterns in the drywall. Use a stud finder to locate the overhead supports and mark their location with a pencil. Mark the outside edges and the centers of the supports.
  5. Look at the bracket layout page and determine which layout works best for your situation. Mark the layout dimensions out on your ceiling supports.
  6. Hold the brackets up to the ceiling and mark the holes for the lag bolts. Make sure the brackets face each other as seen in the layout diagram. Mark hole in the narrow portion of the keyhole, making sure the mark is in the center of the overhead support. You need to mark 2 holes per bracket. See Figure 1.
install Fig 1 1
install Fig 1 2
Figure 1

Mounting bracket over center dimension marks. Shown with lag bolts already installed.

  1. Drill 3/16″ pilot holes for the anchors, 8 holes total for the 4 brackets. Again, making sure that your holes are in the middle of the overhead supports.
  2. Install brackets into supports using ¼” x 3″ lag bolts and washers provided. Be sure to use a washer between the bolt head and the bracket as shown in Figure 1. Lag bolts must be installed with at least 2″ embedment into solid wood*. Please see note at beginning of instructions. Do not over-tighten lag bolts, but make sure they are snug against the ceiling. Over-tightening could weaken or snap the lag bolt.
  3. Identify the height from the ceiling where you would like the bottom of the shelf to be. Keep in mind your usable storage space will be 3″ shorter than this dimension due to the bottom shelf beam.
  4. Place 2 angle posts (part C or D depending on model) together to form one upright. The angle post that attaches to the ceiling bracket should be on the outside. The widest part of the keyholes should be facing up on both pieces. Slide the pieces until you get the proper length as determined in step 6. The posts are adjustable in 1 ½” increment. Bolt 2 angle posts together using the ¼” dia. x ¾” long bolts, washers and nuts provided. Use 2 washers, one between the bolt head and angle post and one between the nut and angle post. Place one bolt on each side of the upright angle. See Figure 2. Tighten both bolts.
install Fig 2 1
Figure 2

Upright angles bolted together. Wide part of keyhole on top, and top upright angle on the outside.

  1. Repeat step 7 to form the other 3 uprights. Make sure all 4 uprights are identical.
  2. Bolt uprights from steps 10 and 11 to ceiling angle brackets you installed in step 8. Use the ¼” dia. x ¾” long bolts, washers and nuts. Use 2 washers, one between the bolt head and angle post and one between the nut and angle post. See Figure 3.
install Fig 3 1
install Fig 3 2
Figure 3
  1. Drop cross beams into upright posts. 1″ wide flange goes on top. The rivet buttons go into the keyholes on the posts. Tap down with rubber mallet to seat the beams into the upright posts. The rivet buttons should go all the way to the bottom of the keyholes. See Figure 4. If ceiling mount bracket moves when you tap down the cross beams, the ceiling brackets are not tight or are not bolted into sufficient structure. Double check ceiling lag bolts to make sure they are tight and securely fastened to the supports. If there is not sufficient structure, remove brackets and find the proper ceiling support (step 4).
install Fig 4 1
Figure 4

Beam properly seated in upright post. Rivet buttons at bottom of keyholes.

  1. Place Enduro-Deck™ panels in position by aligning each end of deck panel with corresponding holes on beam. Secure with provided 1/2″ sheet metal screw. See Figure 5.
install Fig 5 1
Figure 5

Enduro-Deck™ panels in position and secured.

  1. Periodically inspect your ONRAX unit to ensure beams are seated properly and brackets are firmly connected to the overhead supports.


Failure to correctly install ONRAX eliminates any liability to Innovative Material Handling, Inc. for damages caused by improper installation.


Do not climb, step, hang from or play on any ONRAX unit.